Integrate critical business processes

Enterprise Application Integration

We provide a complete set of enterprise application integration services to accelerate your operational processes, eliminate inefficiencies and ascertain data consistency and validity across all your applications, systems and processes.

Enterprise Integration brings together:
  • Business Processes
  • Systems
  • Applications
Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)
Why should you integrate?

Because on average 75% of enterprises are dealing with more than 6 diseperate systems in their IT environment. If you don’t have a way for data to freely and securely flow between systems, you are likely to encounter three major problems that will negatively effect your business performance.

  • Inadequate efforts or lost time when you transfer data from one stage to the next
  • Low availability and too much effort on data mining, processing and validation
  • A burden on IT team members
How can we help ?

Ability2Code can help you to gather all critical business information from diverse systems and hardware, then integrate them either on-prem or in the cloud thereby significantly improving your business bottom line and agility to grow and scale.

Consulting and Analysis

We help you come up with your integration vision, budget, and key deliverables. Together, we decide the best approach and necessary security practices.

Hub and Spoke Integration

We develop and deploy a single integration point, connecting all your apps and databases to one central hub. This enables data interchange, synchronization and process management.

Event Driven Integration

For businesses that really need speed and agility then the modern concepts of event driven integration can help to achieve near real-time processing, loose coupling, scalability, flexibility, increased efficiency and improved collaboration.

Point–to–Point Integration

An ad hoc integration solution, if you want to automate data exchange between two apps or connect isolated apps to an existing integrated system. Our services include custom development of database connectors, API integration, and customization of the existing system to allow integration

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