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IoT with SaaS

Mobile, cloud and big data technologies are advancing rapidly, changing the cores of information access and communication. Every few days, new platforms and services are being released. Businesses are developing new models and the IT landscape is under an incredible transformation.

Which of these technologies are going to deliver value to your business, and how do you keep up with pace?

Work with us and enjoy the full benefits of SaaS and IoT solutions for your business
SaaS (Software as a Solution)
  • Tailored applications
  • Cognitive analytics
  • Streamlined processes
  • High availability
  • Lower capital costs
  • No in-house maintenance
IoT and SaaS
IoT (Internet of Things) Solutions
  • Consumer IoT - wearable and smart devices for homes that are connected through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi networks
  • Industrial IoT – cloud based SCADA process control systems; data is gathered and processed for analytics and actionable intelligence
  • Enterprise IoT – smart building lighting, tracking of assets are some examples – our expert solutions cash onto BPM frameworks and automate workflows
What do Public Clouds Provide?
  • Enterprise Service Management
  • Cloud Management Platform
  • Configuration Management
  • Application Performance Management
  • Continuous Integration and Development
  • DevOps Tool-sets
  • Process Optimisation and Automation
  • Governance, Risk, and Compliance
  • Network Control and Endpoint Security
  • Log Aggregation and Analytics
  • On demand vertical and horizontal scalability
Our solutions ensure
  • Good user experience – because this is one of the most critical aspect to any B2C or B2B project. Our top-notch services cover both mobile and web environments.
  • Maximum security – we ensure security of data which your customers entrust you with.
  • Responsiveness – for delivering an above par experience regardless of the device. And performance does not take a back seat while you’re at it!
  • Flexibility and scalability – to support your business as it scales.
Microsoft IoT Central

The Microsoft’s IoT Central is a fully managed Software as a Service (SaaS) platform. Based on the Azure cloud and complementing the existing PaaS (Platform as a Solution) Azure IoT Suite, allowing you to utilize IoT to the maximum. And by partnering with Ability2Code, the whole process is made a lot easier.

Let us simplify IoT for you and transform your business digitally through more accessible solutions.
Why Ability2Code ?
  • We collaborate with you to come up with an effective cloud infrastructure, and then deploy it so that you enjoy optimal performance
  • Our custom IoT solutions raise brand awareness and provide new opportunities to develop cognitive, emotional and behavioral metrics and a customer centered approach.
  • Build systems that can be connected to your devices to gather, store, interpret and report important operational insights.
  • Create solutions that utilise RFID tags to receive, store and ingest electronic digital information.
  • We can use beacon technology to help organisation to create solutions based on users or objects location and movement.
  • We can help organisations to increase efficiencies and reduce operational costs through sensor-driven data.
Not to forget that our solutions are priced to fit your budget! Get an appraisal now!