Identify trends and build insights

Analyse, Interpret and Report

Big Data contains a lot of useful information, but how do you extract, and more importantly, how do you use it for your business growth? Expand your organization with our comprehensive analytics and reporting solutions.

We provide you with custom data reports that offer actionable insights for driving sales and revenues. The information helps you comprehend purchase patterns and consumer behaviour.

Let us measure performance and see how well you are doing. Contact us now for tracking your critical metrics
Analytics and Reporting
How do we help?
  • Tailoring our offered analytics to your specific business needs
  • Cluster deployment, migrating, transforming, tuning and optimising data
  • Creating customized dashboards and visualizations as per your requirements
  • Generating actionable insights for your business with our advanced big data analytics
Dashboard Reporting

Let us track key performance indicators or KPIs together, measuring service levels and ensuring that your operations are up to mark, and within the agreed upon standards or thresholds. Our customized dashboards featuring several valuable KPIs and reports, efficiently demonstrate the performance levels being delivered.

Ability2Code can develop the complete analytics and reporting solutions, tailored to your specific needs. Whether you want to focus on a particular business aspect or want complete visibility, we are here for you.

We gather data from your sources and then prepare it for creating insights – insights that help you grow your revenues, become more innovative, increase customer satisfaction and improve your products or services. And this we do, regardless of the industry you are operating in.

Scheduled Reports

Want a certain report at periodic intervals? We’ll schedule them and deliver in any format to any number of individuals across any channel, be it emails, Dropbox, or FTP. And this we can do at any frequency – once a day, week or month – whatever your needs are!

Online Reporting

So that you can track metrics of use anytime and anywhere. Just log in, and access whatever data or reports you are interested in. And yes, we make it possible for you to view these reports in various formats, and also allow them to be exported.

Core Features
  • Cluster design and implementation
  • Data migration and engineering
  • Data transformation and tuning
  • Impactful insight visualizations
Ability2Code develops custom metrics and tailored reporting solutions.
So let’s track, analyse, use and grow! Give us a call for a free consultation!