Handle changes systematically with

Configuration Management Solutions

How do you manage your current systems? Through some scripts or ad hoc practices? Or maybe you have automated your processes, but they take up too much time in terms of management and maintenance. And to top it all, your systems are continuously increasing and becoming more complex.

What do you need? A consistent and reliable way for managing your environment – Ability2Code’s can provide a bespoke configuration management system. Our primary objective is to identify and maintain information from your assets and enterprise configurations. The process involves planning and managing attributes of your assets and the relationship between them, across all your systems.

A configuration management (CM) systems stores the latest information about your configuration items (CIs) in a CM database (CMDB). The basic components are your assets, including software, hardware, documentation and personnel. In its essence, a CMDB contains details about instances, versions, locations and relationships that exist between your CIs.

Configuration and Management
What does the process involve?
  • Scope definition
  • CIs identification
  • Collection, storage and maintenance of existing CI information
  • Migration and transformation of non standard CIs
  • Versioning and auditing of CIs
  • Effective visual reporting of CIs configurations
  • Efficient deployment of configurations to your CIs
Why should you implement CM?
  • Effective CI management
  • A reliable and up-to-date single repository containing details of your CIs
  • Understanding which and how CI affect systems
  • Better cost management
  • Improved planning and release of new versions and changes
  • Quicker incident resolution
  • Reduced number of blown SLAs
  • Lowered risk
Handle changes systematically while maintaining integrity.
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